Tomorrow!  We leave for Majorca tomorrow!  I can hardly believe that after a year of planning its all finally here. 

I haven’t posted for quite some time for reasons I’ve already explained.  However, I’m dropping everything for one last moment (Okay, I’ve got 30 mins) to focus and reflect on this journey.  The journey began almost a year ago, and it has already been one of the best of my life. 

Nothing gifts God or the people we love more than caring for the spirit that God has given each one of us.  That means to take care of our bodies.  Take care to treasure the beautiful moments of each day.  Stop wasting life trying to accomplish so much in order to prove your worth. Why would God take care to make us all unique if that wasn’t something He treasures?

Take time to be playful in every relationship in your life- including God.  I’ve lately realized that God really shows up everyday like a retriever with a tennis ball.  He wants us to play.  He’s happy if we’re near and faithful, but he’d really like to play.

That’s what this trip is about. 

I am profoundly amazed by my own family’s eagerness to embrace all of the goofiness of this past year- my stubborn insistence on daily exercise, my writing for the blog, the sizzle reel shoot, the time I’ve spent with you all on the phone and in person, my new commitment to becoming a crushing crew competitor.  I think we all understand that all of this pours into my spirit and overflows to all of them. 

This year has not only been busy.  It has left me emotionally battered in many ways as well- three not-so-successful eye surgeries, the crap with the community surrounding the house project, the legal shit.  This trip has given me a reason to be more connected with all of you.  Little did I know how desperately I would need you all in some incredibly lonely moments.  I hate to imagine how much darker those hours would have been without you.

What an astounding gift to witness the beginnings of relationships among the most inspiring, amazing women I know.  I can hardly believe it.  You all love each other already.  I can’t get over that.  I have no words. Just joy. 

Its been such an incredible journey that this actual trip feels more like a grand finale than the main event. 

14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom every family[a] in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge —that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Ephesians 3:14-19

Now let us go forth; sweating and kayaking and biking and dancing and singing and laughing and crying and shopping.

It’s all good.  Right Louise?

Friends and family:  I hope to publish photos and updates throughout our journey here on the site.  


Well, it goes something like this:

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I wrote this post over two weeks ago.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to click “publish” because I have a certain amount of anxiety about how acidic it is- or maybe it just feels that way to me.  I don’t know.  

But I believe it.  And I believe it passionately.  And I think these things need to be said.  So enough already.  Here it is. Read the rest of this entry »

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?

Okay, there was a lot of sweat, tears and faith that went into putting this together, so it really does feel strikingly similar to childbirth.

Before you watch it, I want to remind you what the intent of a sizzle reel is.  This reel is all about introducing lead characters and cast, story, plot lines and themes, and creating a sense of excitement around it all.  It also must be short:  as little as 3 minutes and as much as six.  Because its short, you really have to make very difficult choices among the many themes you intend to introduce- emphasizing some and simply implying others.  It is agonizing.

My objective in producing a show around 40forward is to simply honor the original intent of the trip- not change it at all.  In my mind, I can actually see the faces of women around the country sitting in their living rooms, or watching from their kitchens whilst assembling casseroles.  I see them smiling and laughing and then I imagine that moment when they identify with one of us.  And then suddenly, Jane Greene or Tamika Williams asks herself- “Hey, I’m telling myself what SHE did. Gosh, that really is toxic…”  or “Damnit, I’m tired of feeling this way and there IS something I can do about it.  Why do I believe I’m not worth it?”

So here’s our baby. I hope we get to see her grow up into a 13-episode series.

Failure is always an option.

Its another Mythbusters thing.  I noticed this slogan on Adam Savage’s T-shirt one day and loved it.

You know those stenciled letter sayings that people put on their walls next to votive candles or black and white photos of their kids?  They’re usually scripture verses or lines of poetry, right?. Well, I want this in my kitchen with a few images like this:

I just put this little post up today because I don’t have tons of time to write today, but I wanted to make you all smile and ponder the beauties of failure.

If failure is always an option, then life is truly an adventure.

I have so many “favorite” #fails.  What are yours?

None of you have ever had the privilege of meeting my friend, Jen.  We met during an intensive Japanese language program at Northwestern University in the summer of 1991.  We immediately connected and I was so overwhelmingly grateful for her friendship.

I just learned from the video she submitted that her first impression of me was “How does this girl so totally have her shit together already?”  Funny.  Because what I was not feeling at the time was “together.”  I was the Christian school girl in a dorm with the heathen:  people with fake IDs and sex lives.  I felt like a complete idiot, which was part of the reason why I excelled at Japanese from that summer on.  I hid my face in hiragana-covered flashcards to fly below the radar.  “Let’s just all pretend I’m a geek so you don’t find out I’m a freak.” Read the rest of this entry »

About 10 minutes ago, Bill was lacing up his shoes to take Max to the local rock climbing gym with Grandpa.  Intuitively, he looked up at my face and read it.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.

I gave a deep sigh that I hoped would expunge all the heaviness from the depths of my soul that I’m feeling right now.  It didn’t work.

I told him how sad I’m feeling right now that there are people from this trip who are really upset about the idea that I’d propose this trip as a show.  This was all about my desire to see you celebrated and now some of you feel dismayed, anxious- maybe even betrayed.  Most have been enthusiastic at the chance to tell your story and lift up the “sista’s.”  In my heart that doesn’t matter:  if thirteen of you feel great and one feels shitty, I’m feeling the shitty- not the joy. Read the rest of this entry »